18:10 – There is going to be a new plan. I am tired of wishing I ran and exercised like I did when I was in college and back in Italy. The common theme between those two times was that I was not working and I could plan my own schedule mostly on my own terms. In Italy I was running 20 miles or MORE a WEEK! Now I am lucky if I run 5. Bad, very bad. I am very hard on myself because of all this. There is a beautifully done blog out there called ohsheglows.com and it is incredibly inspiring. I find myself beginning to feel jealous when I read it but chide myself to remember that the the jealousy comes only from a desire to do many of the things she has done and is doing.

If I can stick to it, 6:00 to 7:00 will be my exercising time. Let that be running 4 miles or doing an hour of p90x yoga, so be it. As well my/our diet is going to improve. Many nights I am not in the mood to cook and get quasi annoyed that I am always having to do the dinner cooking (“I work too!!” I tell Martin). Although if I am the cook I can decided what we eat. And if I make a list Mart is pretty good about getting everything…..unless it’s garlic and he’s never before shopped for it and does not even know what it looks like. The result: 18 phone calls from the husband as he tries to navigate the commissary. Ha!) It is not that we are bad eaters, but we could be more health conscience. A more varied diet would be good, Green Monsters every morning (http://greenmonstermovement.com/), less sugar in my tea, less caffeine, etc.

The change can be simple things. Instead of spending Sunday morning lazying around the blog world of design and decorating I could be making a batch of fresh bread with the apples that are about to rot. Perhaps even…gasp!….my contentment with having to live in Texas for a another year or more would increase because I am not so focused on the “next house” or “next job” or “next decorating scheme”.

Goal: To run a half marathon in November at the San Antonio Rock and Roll Marathon. Watch me train!