Thursday, July 22, 2010

Oh Deary Me!

8:08 – Our next dining room will have furniture like this:

Distressed French via Horchow

Since, we do not need nor have an extra room needing such furniture, I am going to place a few rules for myself. Each chair has to be found and free. This will be difficult because of craigslist but I am going to try. The table will not be bought until we move to the next place because honestly there is no room for another table in this house and our current table is cute, functional and in good condition. But because fabric is so readily available to me, I am going to work on the chairs, that way I am not paying out the waazooo for black velvet later on down the road. Wish me luck!! How gorgeous would this look in a spicy orange/red room? Martin doesn’t know it yet but next move I am going to be brave.

Something like this:

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