Guess we will start with this morning. Martin stayed over last night in the office, we both slept terrible and I think Katia has a bed wetting problem. Anyways, as per usual on days where Martin is extremely busy I feel totally forgotten about. I could be sitting at home all day long watching tv but instead I work 40 hours a week or more. Our phone calls are brief. I text him and with minimal texts back. Sooo…I feel forgotten and as though he is too busy for the love of his life. This results in me feeling lonely and neglected. Not good. Then I get upset with him. Also not good. I asked Carole about this once, saying “I feel like I am taking care of a house, a husband, a job – the clients, and two dogs. But who is left to take care of me??” She said to get used to that feeling. And now I ask myself, do all Army wives go through this? This feeling of nonexistence? In one of my Army books I read it says that we do and that book was written by a wife as well. How do I cope? Be silent and supportive? Or demand the things that I feel I need even if I can’t figure out if it is crucial or just selfish of me. Something to think and pray about.

17:36- Home from work. Apparently what I am feeling is very common. My army wife boss shared with me that she once taped her wedding ring to her husbands cell phone.