7:35 I love my job and I love being able to buy things without having to ask Martin for money. I can buy clothes if I want too, special dinner ingredients and even tampons with my own moolah! Having a job that is related to architecture in some way is also important to me. My song would be veeery different if I was still working at Kohl’s as a cashier. Art teacher, graphic designer, interior decorator, museum curator, antique shop owner…all these things I would (and am) happy doing because they are designerish. Since though the title of this post is Greener Grass….it can only mean that I have been wondering what it would be like to not work. Truthfully I would probably be bored as hell but since I can not get enough down time (and work out time) as it is now it feels like not working would be amazing. I secretly hope that in a year Martin gets stationed in Germany or even better, back in Vicenza. Both might be a long shot but I just keep on dreaming! Then I would have the excuse not to work but I would be living in an amazingly stimulating environment. I would walk the dogs around the town, go for longs runs to explore, find a special cafe to get un cappuccino every morning. My job would be traveling to Morocco and Syria to buy rugs at wholesale prices, refinishing flea market finds, the occasional job to help someone decorate their home. Maybe even get a job at the px or popeyes to supplement both my time and flea market/traveling addiction. :)

Alas, I am living in Texas and it is hot as hell. I am trying to find things to convince me that it would be nice to spend another year in this state. But truth be told, Martin could get orders to PCS tomorrow and I would be jumping for joy. All the while knowing if his orders were to Kansas or some equally land locked state I would be cursing myself for wanting to move so soon. Sure I would miss our cute little home and beautiful backyard, but there is nothing in me intrinsically that pulls me to stay in Texas. I like it here, but do not love it here. And I must stop thinking this way. Making myself miserable is not the point. I need to find that one thing, or multiple things, that is the reason I must stay in Texas. My web design class? My color set idea? Learning to sail?