Thursday, July 22, 2010

100% Chance of Sleeping In

7:39 – Good Morning! As predicted my alarm went off and I did not get up to run. GAH! I am disappointed in myself but I do already know this about me. I can not motivate myself to run in the mornings. I never ever have and probably never ever will. But all my hot air from yesterday will not be wasted because I plan on taking my gym clothes and running a few miles at the gym after work. It is funny. Martin told me yesterday, “why don’t you just run a mile or two a day?” It is as though when he allows me to be a little easier on myself I allow it for myself also. My grand plan is to run more than that a day but if Mister Marathon says it is okay to run a “mile or two” a day then so be it!!

Although I did not exercise my body this morning I did do my devotional which is always a calming thing for me. Carole yesterday at work brought up the idea of asking “How can you use me today God?” And I like that. In my head are these grand schemes of being the next Greg Mortenson or Sam Mockbee. Problem is how do I get from Harker Heights Texas and little ol’me to that??! It is overwhelming. But if I go back to thinking “She did what she could.” and asking how God can use me today maybe, just maybe, I am making baby steps to that mystery future filled with humanitarian architecture. Historic Preservation is another career path I would like to learn more about. Not to do it full time but I believe that if I am to rehabilitate old decrepit buildings it would be best to know how this were once originally put together. An advantage is that it adds to the list another place of employment if the architecture job field is still sucking.

In the meantime, let us look at some pretties. This beautiful color scheme of chartreuse green, dark brown leather, glossy black, eggplant purple and greyish white is going to be in my next living room. Insert pops of rusty red or copper orange when I feel like (or because those are my colors now.)

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