14:57 – Just when I begin to be okay with the idea of Martin being in the Army “for life” he hits a block of Anti-Army feelings. Now there is no chance I would bet money on either his decision to stay in or get out in 2 years, his moods can sway drastically from day to day. Truly I can imagine my life going either direction, both with advantages and disadvantages. If he gets out maybe we could go and do the Peace Corps together….or if he stays in he can retire and we can sail the world worry free! I believe that it is easier for me to shrug off the unknown of our future life because I am okay with however way the future is planned for us. I can remember when I very much wanted him to get out of the Army (so I could get on with my life…) and at each utterance of “F the Army” my heart would leap!

Who knows, but either way I know our life together will be an adventure. And that is what is awesome! :)