7:42 – Why on Earth can’t we move NOW?! I am beginning to wonder what my problem is, because I am so ready to move. I have figured this place out and there doesn’t seem to be much more to explore around here. Maybe I need more friends. But all day long I am working and then in the evening I come home and am exhausted. I keep thinking back to Candice’s email to me saying how she had a up and coming job in Austin with politics but still felt empty. That is sort of how I feel. I enjoy my job and I like designing but sometimes I ask myself “What’s the point? Am I really helping people? Does this all really matter?” It is not helping me become an architect, it is not helping me to financially support ourselves, although I do love love love all things design. Part of me would rather have a stinky part time job, where I get paid more and then just do my designing and “man I love this stuff” work on the side. There would be no awkward, “Can you make it to ______? It’s on post at 4:30.” NOOOOO I can’t make that or that other thing or that thing next week because I work!! I feel stuck here. That leaves my attitude to be the only thing that can change. How do I do that?