Thursday, July 22, 2010

Friday Night

20:27 – 99.9% of the time I am wrapped up in my own worry of “how to maximize my happiness” or some form thereof. Then recently Bam! it hits me and I wonder “Is Martin truly happy?” And I start to get anxious that he isn’t happy. Because I know what I feel like inside when I have having a day of discontent and don’t wish that upon him. It’s strange, I really really worry. Not because I have any reason to, we have a wonderful life (a loving relationship, loving and supportive families, friends, great puppies, jobs, food on the table, an adorable house, a large backyard with a great BIG tree…etc etc…) but I just want the best for him. It’s different than not wanting your friends to be unhappy. I literally feel like I could cry if I heard Martin or one of my parents tell me that they honestly and deeply weren’t happy. Thank you God, for providing me with a family and husband who are peaceful and joyful!

Basically all of our friends are on leave this weekend so we’ll see what Martin and I find for ourselves to do! He wants to sail, of course, for the third weekend in a row. I would possibly stay home but worry about him sailing all his lonesome. How is he going to raise that mast by himself? Oh man it would be a disaster. Perhaps next weekend I’ll stay home. My upholstery project though is also waiting to be finished this weekend. I am going to be tearing my hair out trying to figure our how to sew it all back together. To encourage myself I remember what our former upholstery lady said “oh its easy!” If so many people have the skills then it must be true!

And some pretties:

Have I mentioned that I am on the hunt for a chest/console for my foyer? This is lovely and so unique! Fort Hood craigslist is such a disappointment sometimes!

Aye! I would take this one in a heartbeat as well!

Love the art!

This could quite possibly be the fodder for a daydream. (Vines! Growing inside!)

Most images found via: La Maison Boheme

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