Saturday, November 6, 2010

What Happened To Allen and Sundberg?

9:44 - A "new to me" home by one of my favorite architecture firms Olson Kundig Architects which I found via If The Lampshade Fits blog. The item in question was the photo of the master bathroom with its very one of a kind sink carved from a rock. Everyone thought it would be a butthead to clean but I said I'd just hose the whole thing down! There are plenty of ridiculous things in a "normal house" that are difficult to clean but that doesn't stop people from purchasing them. Just yesterday I was thinking to myself how stupid it was to put this itty bitty raised texture on a dishwasher, of course it is going to get dirty once and for all. Or as I pointed out on the lampshade blog, glass shower doors have to be cleaned after every use to avoid the soap scum spots. It's a rock for crying out loud, with moss (Gah, it can grow because of the humidity! Love!) Maybe it's supposed to stay rocky and dirty like. The sink part looks fairly smooth, and therefore easy enough to clean. Regardless I love the entire architecture of the house. Not my choice of furniture but heck I'm not the one living there!

oh lordy...puupy dogs eyes....sigh

See? Probably not that bad. Don't you think an architect would have thought about the "usability?" We're architects! We think about that stuff! :) Although where do I put my contacts case and mascara?

The only thing I might change. I wouldn't take a picture with that random chandelier hanging at the top. It's distracting.

Opinions here and the full article at the NYTimes Magazine

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