Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wedding Dresses

20:33 - I think this is going to be my wedding dress!! I am trying not to make deciding on a dress that big of a deal given that I am only going to be wearing it for a single night and the fact that the wedding is about the celebrating not about the wardrobe. It just seems so me, and I can very easily imagine myself in it. (A plus is that I can also wear a bra! Whoo!) My minds eye shows me Martin hugging my waist and dancing with me in this dress....

Although I want to ask if they can make it without the glittery thing on the chest. I keep seeing the dress without it.

At first I was struck by the one below but found a photo online of another girl wearing this dress in white (an actual photograph, not a posed model shot) and wasn't all that impressed with how it fell on her. The one below looks glamorous but in the real life photo it just looked like your typical wedding dress. And I feel like it would be "crunchy" given that it is made of taffeta.

See? Boring.
Which reminds me that I should bore deeper into the internet to find a photo of my "dream" dress on a normal girl. I hope it doesn't change my mind about it! :)

p.s. Monday morning we are getting stained concrete!!! I am so psyched!! Muddy dog prints for days after it rains be gone! Now to search ebay for an old rug....hehe!

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