Monday, November 1, 2010


9:48 - My very first miniature is (almost) complete and I am very proud of the silly little thing. They say you quickly become addicted and it might be true! I wanted to add a front door, "glass" panels and a modern succulent garden in front of what you already see but am not sure if I have enough space. Maybe my next one will be a little more focused on the architecture of the space, with less emphasis on the interiors details, textures, and colors.

Below is my basic construction and scale scheme. According to this I have enough room for the exterior!

For reference I have been working on this floorplan here and here. And remember I told you to remember that Savannah apartment wallpaper here? I think my unconscious was telling me I loved it when I picked out my miniature "wallpaper" at Hobby Lobby!

These next photos are the first model I made trying to depict the space that I called Glass Garden Condo.

All images, sketches, and models by Megan Manion

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