Wednesday, October 27, 2010

For The Love Of Horchow

9:25 - When a new client makes an appointment with us we have a small questionnaire for them to fill out. It helps us get a better idea of what exactly they are looking for. Of course, within a few minutes of being inside their home it is very easy to see, but to prepare ourselves just a bit beforehand this questionnaire is helpful. What color scheme is their room/home currently, how would you describe your style, and what catalog/store would you like to shop from if given the choice? Hands down, my answer to that last question would be The Horchow Collection. I love it with a deep and undying passion. Funnily, I had never heard of it until a sweet Syrian client of ours mentioned it. I am forever filled with gratitude (or perhaps is it lust, for you see Horchow is a wee bit out of my price range.)


A little bit of history on Horchow. It was started in 1971 by a man named Samuel Roger Horchow as the first luxury mail order catalog. It was not preceded by an actual brick and mortar storefront which was very unusual for the time. In 1988 Sam sold Horchow to Neiman Marcus.

After he started and sold Horchow, Mr. Sam went on to produce Broadway plays. Who would have guessed? He graduated from Yale, published a few books, and is written about in the book The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell.

And that is all Wikipedia could tell me!

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