Sunday, August 29, 2010

Two Plus Two Equals Five?

17:26 - While browsing Barnes and Noble for inspiration this afternoon I stumbled across this book for sale:

Which I immediately recognized as the by product of this blog:

How do people do this? Well, I can think of plenty of ways so I guess more specifically I should be asking "How do I do this?" Surely the book was created because of the blog and the blog was created out of a desire to document her experimentation with making things. Right now, I feel this pressure to come up with a million dollar blogging/etsy/published book/branding/etc/etc idea that will launch me into that world. I have ideas of creating and publishing a book for military families teaching them how to decorate rental homes/apartments. But that is not what I want the blog to be about. This blog is more of a collection of my inspiration. I write about the life as an Army wife but that is not where the focus is. The best idea I can come up with is that I continue to blog and see where it leads me, what develops out of it. Along the same lines is a realization I made the other evening. Perhaps my purpose right now in life is not to be in Cambodia helping to build homes for the poor but maybe I am to start small and local. At Habitat. Starting small will ensure that I do not get too far ahead of myself or my skills.

While looking at a few new (to me) blogs I realize, there are plenty of "lifestyle" blogs that seem to be about nothing in particular but are extremely interesting and beautiful. I'm going to let the world run (smacking would probably be more effective, gotta make sure I'm paying attention) into me, instead of me chasing after the world.

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