Wednesday, July 28, 2010


7:54 - I have a hard time sleeping soundly most nights and I don't think it is very healthy, besides the fact that it is annoying. Things I need to change: Since Martin gets up at 5 most days he goes to bed at 9 to 9:30. Since I get up around 7 most days I need not go to bed at 9. Going to bed at 10 would be better and getting up at 6 would be ideal. Having being woken up at 5 every morning (or earlier) and talking with Martin doesn't help because when I pass out again I really fall deep asleep (or as deep a sleep as dreaming sleep is). Second, absolutely no dogs in the bed. Even if Katia is giving us the puppy-eyed gopher-head look. With her in between us I am constantly waing up to make sure she is not smothered. Third, I am going to try my hardest to really get a walk or a workout in every evening. I know that will help me sleep. Last, and the hardest to fix, will be the fact that I worry about work in my sleep. I know I do because I wake up in middle of the night dreaming about sewing curtains for a client, or whether the window treatments we just installed were too long, or if I am picking out the right fabrics. I should not be losing sleep over work. I decided that I was outwardly not going to worry about these things, now somehow I have to convince my unconscious not to worry about them. Another health-ish thing I might consider trying is this so-called eating for your blood type. I will have to do more research to see if the whole thing is based on nothing or if there is some truth in the matter. In a certain sense it makes sense. As a blood Type A individual the fruits I am to avoid are melons, papayas, bananas, coconut, mangoes, oranges, plantains and tangerines. All tropical grown fruits. Which if my Type A descendants are from regions that could never naturally grow a coconut then it would make sense not to eat them. Though if we are to believe in mutation of genes, what I couldn't eat in my 25,000 BC - 15,000 BC self, I should theoretically be able to eat now. Maybe I don't care too much to try to eat for my blood type. There are so many bogus things out there it is so hard to believe. I do agree that processed foods are bad for you. Too many chemicals. If my body is one big chemical reaction (or trillions of chemical reactions is more like it) then throwing all those different chemicals into the mix would not be a good idea. Didn't we all learn that from high school biology and chemistry?

Blood type info found here:

A few projects I'd like to tackle:
This weekend - Make a bird feeder. We have so many adorable little birds that flutter around our tree, why not feed them?
Maybe next weekend - Make a compost pile with the scrap wood from those pallets. I need to relook and wirte down the combination of moist (kitchen scraps, grass cuttings) and dry (dead branches) things I need to compost correctly
Then Later - Start a few container gardens and start small. I am going to buy the plants I really have an interest in not just the cheapest plant I can find at Lowes. For example, instead of marigolds I'll tend to Stephanotis Flower, also known as Madagascar Jasmine. I like to pull apart marigold flowers but that isn't as tempting as memories of Italy are!

P.S I can hear little birds chirping from up inside our chimney. The dogs are trying to figure it out.

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