Thursday, July 29, 2010

Life Outside the USA

13:28 - I want to move out of the United States. Reading Newsweek depresses (and worries) me, is there not a single decent person within our government? Probably not. Why the heck should I care about those idiots on Jersey Shore? How embarrassing that those are the people that other countries know about. I look at our stupid architecture and have to hold back a gag at how awful and fake it is. It is no wonder to me that Europeans dress way better than we do. We have Walmart as our backdrop they've got centuries old stone buildings and cobble stone streets. We have buildings half clad in galvanized steel and the other half with brick veneer. All of it is fake, meant to provoke something more authentic. I'd say that most Americans don't realize (or WON'T) that 95 percent of the world lives in poverty. We're not talking mobile home poverty or a high school drop out education. We're talking mud huts, working for 12 dollars a week, aged 20 years past their true age. Even countries that people think have their act mostly together, don't. Not to the extend that the US does. Mexico. Morocco. Maybe some would take that as a source of pride. "Look at our country, the United States of America, look how well our people live. How rich we all are, able to have running water, insulated walls, toilets that flush, a new car every 5 years (or less.) I don't take pride in that. Is there pride in being the only person with drinking water while there are 10 others next to you are thirsty?

Although then I worry that I am a hypocrite. Would I really want to be that poor Latvian with a terribly hard life? Not really. Maybe I just hope that there would be more awareness. Not so much greed.

Basically I don't know what to do with these feelings. Becoming more and more bitter is not the point. It would be better if these ideas were in my mind so that I do something with them!

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