Monday, January 10, 2011


14:52 - Anyone out there want to buy me one of Edgar Medina's paintings, pretty please?  I saw one at the Langford Market in Austin that made my heart skip a beat, and it continues to do so every time I think about it.  At 285 dollars it is something I will have to save for, so hopefully it doesn't get to go home with someone!  Although there are plenty of other beautiful paintings to view on his website, I couldn't find the one I really liked.  It was a vivid mix of lilac purple, teal, and golden yellow and I thought the name of it was "Cavern."  The colors he uses make my mouth water!

Here's a little about Mr. Medina:

At an early age I learned to never take anything for granted.  At birth I was diagnosed with a serious lung disease, which meant many childhood days of confinement to a hospital room in Tamaulipas, Mexico.  During this time my parents introduced me to the world of creative art, which provided me with a great strength and solace.  From crayons and coloring books to painting on canvas,  I  realized  I possessed a natural talent for artistic expression, a passion that continues to grow in me.
       My paintings are considered contemporary abstracts, they are rich in texture, culture, color and my signature style with the use of the palette.  They reflect a fusion of both Mexican and American cultures.  Allowing the combination of my environment and its abstraction to fulfill my art to create a uniqueness in each of my paintings. From the beginning, it has been a journey for me to get to this point, feeling confidence in my work, learning from my mistakes as a self taught artist, and discovering new techniques. The value in my struggle, is the final composition of my artwork.
            What first inspired me to become and artist was my love for arts in general and my innate talent to paint.  I started visiting museums, art galleries, and exhibits, learning about different artists and their techniques. This led me to start working on a canvas and I found that painting was an outlet to express my inner emotions and thoughts. This was the birth of a new passion for me.  I always knew I had talent to draw, but felt I needed polishing.  Since then I have taken art appreciation classes this past spring, where I became rooted to understand the very meaning of my own compositional work.   

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