Sunday, December 5, 2010

Out In The Field

8:48 - Before leaving for another long stint in the field Martin told me to look up things to do in Baja, Mexico.  Dare I dream to think we are traveling there over the Christmas Holiday!?  Ooooh say it is so!!

The guys have been in the field for what seems like forever doing gunnery training and yesterday in an attempt for quality time, Martin invited me to come "hang out" while he did inventories for his upcoming change of command (leaving B Co and going to HHC....a compliment to his capabilities but I know he is sad to leave his current soldiers.)  While driving home from post I realized how nice it was to have understanding friends, ones that are going through the same situation and 100 percent know why I wouldn't go out for a drink because my husband is coming home that night.  Or when trying to plan a get together with another friend I don't bat an eye when she says "Could we plan it for Sunday, my husband might be able to be home on Saturday."  While civilian friends might judge us, or think that we were being silly and submissive wives, my Army wife/girlfriend/fiance friends just get it.  A former co-worker of mine was getting wind of an upcoming deployment (rumors fly but they must start from a little truth) and decided to take the day off work before her husband went into the field for training.  At the time (months ago) I thought it was a bit odd to not go to your job to hang out with your husband and though I still think its a bit off, I understand her desperate attempt to squeeze every second of "husband time" that she could.  We all get fair warning that deployments are hard and long and filled with worry but no one told me to expect Martin gone so much even when he was "home." 

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