Monday, December 6, 2010

10:42 - Last week, while Martin was in the field, I was so motivated.  I worked on architecture projects, I sewed, I worked out, and stayed up late dreaming of my portfolio while drinking wine.  Now a week later I am depressed and not motivated at all.  A friend came over for dinner last night and she was describing the same thing happening to her.  We've hit the wall and now we're just plain bored and lonely without our husbands at home.  Other than the fact that my weekend was ridiculously dull I am feeling that my life lacks any sort of intensity.  Here's another thought my friend and I had in common;  we want our jobs to be our lives, we want to be challenged, and as she put it "I want to lose sleep because I'm working so hard."  Ditto.  In a small way, watching our husbands work to exhaustion during training has made us miss a time when we too worked until our bones ached ( in architecture school.)

Right now I only have energy to shop but my bank account can't handle that much fun.  Hopefully this is just some sort of adjustment phase and it will pass.  (Otherwise I'm in trouble when this next deployment rolls around...)

In other news:

Wool fabric to be used for a coat also looks quite swell as a bed throw.  Must remember this for when we have a real guest room.  Or whenever I'm in a redecorating mood...wait that's all the time.

Extra wool coat fabric is loved by little sushi roll dog when made into a cozy bed!

Loving my Corinthian column lamp from, an early Christmas gift to Martin who kept mentioning that he needed light to read by.

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