Thursday, November 25, 2010

Turnstyle Pinnacle

12:20 - Last night inspiration hit when I found this beautifully creative website for Breathe Architecture.  I was sitting there wondering how to turn that same concept into a hard copy portfolio and figured "Instead of sitting here wondering, why don't I pour myself a glass of milk and have a go at it??"  

The original website:

My take:

Images and designs by Megan Manion

I am not sure how it would be best to orient the pages, though it might be fairly obvious once I try adding portfolio images to it.  Another worry is that if the front sides are images, is having the back side where you find the text irritating?  To have to flip everything over to read about the project?  Something to think about.  And while I created these late last night, this is counting as Thanksgiving day's daily charrette.    :)

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