Thursday, October 7, 2010

Why I Want To Live In Savannah

18:14 - Gorgeous! It feels kind of blasphemous to really love traditional architecture as much as modern architecture. You see, I have this judgment that a "good" modern (as in currently working) architect should love modern (as in concrete, steel, glass and ever more leaning towards synthetic materials) architecture more than that of the past. Then again, shouldn't a really good architect be able to appreciate and fall in love with all "good" design?

The thing is, I know what is in that house. I know there should be wood floors, and in some places tiles, there might be columns, and there most certainly will be gorgeous woodworking details. There will be a wood burning fireplace, and quite possibly a creepy dirt floor cellar. It will be ridiculously drafty in the winter and the stairs will creak but I am sure that treasures from past inhabitants could be discovered.

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