Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It's Like When...

21:50 - You know when you are looking to buy a specific car and then you see it everywhere? Or when you are picking out an engagement ring and suddenly it is the first place you look at a woman? Or when you are selling your house and you start to notice all the other homes for sale? Understand what I am getting at here? Well about a week ago I decided that I could definitely get into dollhouse miniatures. Like definitely definitely. Let's see, I love houses, I love decorating, I love architecture, I love furniture and fabric, and I love all things that are tiny. Seems like a pretty natural step to take don't you think? Well, now I see dollhouses EVERYWHERE!! No kidding, blogs, magazines, tv, all over the place I tell you! Will suddenly everyone will be dragging their old dollhouses out of the attic? Or am I just on hyper dollhouse alert?
the thinking tank

Blue Blinds

Hobbit Dollhouse

The overwhelming majority are vertically oriented as well. Which makes sense as far as how much space it takes up as well as the problem of a roof. A vertical dollhouse seems much more of a completed house than a glorified floorplan (with walls) dollhouse.

*The hobbit house made me laugh. It is fabulously eccentric!

** Also there is something about these houses that make me sad. Though I have not lost my imagination to design and create and get lost in them, I am not sure that I could sit for hours "playing" with them. Like when I was younger, making up characters, plots, stories, lives. Too some extend I still do, but not nearly as playfully as I did before.

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