Tuesday, October 5, 2010


21:08 - I have the evening to myself. (HA! Who am I trying to convince? Martin is in the field again shooting stuff.) I just finished watching the movie Odine, which was really good. Part romance, part fantasy, part daydreaming about good looking male actors, you know. Chinese food take out made it even better of course!

Anyways, lately I have been hearing a lot of "I'm DONSO!" and "I'm getting out!" and am wondering if I should believe it or not. The good thing is that I truly am okay with which ever decision he makes. I worry that I won't be able to accomplish my career goals, but it is high time I stop blaming the Army for that set of woes. The other thing is that I don't actually believe Martin when he says that he's going to get out. This does not in any way mean that I don't trust him! It is just that I know him and I don't think he'll get out. The Army is too much a part of him, and for all his complaining and moaning about it I know he still believes in the honor, pride, hard work, camaraderie, the men, the whole substance that the Army is. Would you believe a man who watches youtube videos of the battle of Gettysburg when he told you he was getting out of the Army? Me neither! How about a guy who wants a Don Troiani print under the age of 24? Wouldn't believe him either. (Especially if he were under the age of 15). But I'm just sayin'!

Surely this has to be a commonplace experience for other Army (or any military) wives, but I wonder how much is common. I asked Carole about it today and she told me her husband did the same thing, and he retired from the Army! Oddly enough, even with regards to year long deployments to such happy countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq, the Army provides a cushy safe little life. Medical insurance, check. Housing allowance, check. Job security, check. Traveling the world (or at least the United States), check. Fun balls to wear fancy dresses to and ogle good looking men (your husband of course!) in sexy uniforms, check!

These are just a few thoughts going through my head this week. I will be curious to see how things change, or don't, in the coming months.

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