Friday, October 29, 2010

Definitely Diggin'

9: 30 - It has taken me a while but I think I have learned what are my personal tastes for my home. I like many many different things, but am specific as to what I want in my home; what atmosphere I would like to live in.

Deep, saturated, and sometimes patina colored.

At first I was afraid to admit that I wanted a colorful home. Not because I cared what people thought but because it seems like a too colorful home also lacks a sophisticated air. That is where the "deep" and "saturated" comes in. Colors that seep into your emotions and create a response. Reds that make your heart burn, blues that make you feel lucid, yellows that pump your mood, colors that you literally feel like you can roll around in and soak up.

They are dark and penetrating. Most people are afraid to paint a small room a dark color. Or any room for that matter. But if you want a cozy enveloping room it is the most simple thing you can do to achieve that feeling. On my very first paint consultation (all by myself!) a woman was trying to decide what colors she wanted throughout her home. I suggested a deep moody chestnut for their dining room. She asked "Won't it make the room seem smaller?" I attempted to explain that it would formalize the room and make it very cozy, as it the walls were a blanket, and would make the room feel much richer.

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