Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Basic Model

9:15 - Currently I have been playing with this floorplan in my mind. It is imagined as an older lath and plaster European-esque building that is renovated with modern aspects. It needs a laundry room and at least a little bit of storage! When making the model I forgot to add the bathroom wall which created a hallway with a window at the end, a feature I liked how it looked, even if it was a mistake (oops, no pictures of it shown here)!

All images, models, and drawings by Megan Manion

After first attempting to create this with plaster of paris I moved on to basswood. Usually I prefer real concrete and piano wire, but as I am imagining these older renovated buildings I am having to find different materials to model with. I find architecture models built purely out of chipboard or basswood to be incredibly boring but struggle to make my models "abstractly realistic." Oy!

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