Sunday, August 22, 2010

Four Heart Questions

17:40 - As it is growing closer to Monday, the day in which I would like to have a job decision made, I am becoming more and more nervous. Am I making the right choice? Is it going against God's will for my life? Mom tells me of the lessons at her church last Sunday. 90% of your answers can be found in the bible, that last 10% is found by following your heart. I am reading two days worth of my devotional and a few things struck me in the first day's. The simple act of giving God full permission to "continue to train you for special service." The second day asks four questions.

Am I fitting into God's plan? (I hope so, I am trying to get better at being patient and seeing what is in store for my life....and according to his time line not mine.)
What are my longings? (Yippee!! My longings are being listened to! They aren't just these insane ideas floating around my head for no reason!)
What are my abilities? (Hooray! I am talented in architecture and design for a reason! I love to design and my life plan is going to include that!)
Am I serving God now? (This one is harder, am I? I'm trying but many times I lose focus and direction which then causes confusion.)

And here is a wonderful sentence; "When we submit to God's plans, we can trust our desires." Yay!

I am confident that I will be provided with joyful things in my life. I want to discover other things. I would like to see where God will use my passions too "turn my life."

Making this decision much easier is the fact that my husband is undoubtedly one hundred percent supporting me. Whoa! Martin has belief in me when I didn't have belief in myself! I love him so much.

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