Thursday, July 22, 2010

What I Made & What I'd Like To Learn To Make

How very “country style” of me, I know but I think it looks pretty and inviting. The vines I found in our backyard and figured I could switch out the pretty parts for the season and according to what is available. If the rest of our front yard’s curb appeal is bugging me at least I can make the front door look nice!

How about this beaut!? I wish I had a before picture because this old couch was once upholstered in Grandma fabric to the max. Look at it now! I also wish I had a close up of this fabric because it makes me drool it is so pretty. Love love love this! And certainly inspires me to learn how to upholster! It is actually for a client but we wanted to have it in the store for at least a few days. We all knew everyone who walked in would adore and ask about it.

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