Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Habitat for Humanity

7:55 - Saturday night Martin, Andrew, Neicy and I went to J Kowboy Wine Bar in Temple, it was a lot different from what we all expected but quite nice even so. I think Neicy put it the best, "A Texas themed wine bar?" Anyways, she also brought up an idea that I have been mulling in mind since then. Something got us talking about the movie Under the Tuscan Sun and how people/the lady in the movie just up and changed her life. What an interesting thing to do, creating your life to spin 180 degrees. I like it! It leads me to wonder about my life. Instead of wishing and waiting for the next thing I should be changing my life to be the next thing.

I am not completely 100 percent happy with my reality now, I still constantly wonder "what am I doing with my life." I look at books like Three Cups of Tea or Same Kind of Different As Me or Sam Mockbee and the Rural Studio and I ask myself how do I possibly get there? I have these dreams of doing something great and significant with my life but I can't figure out how to get from Point A to Point B. So, the idea I had yesterday was to work part time again and infill that off time with Habitat for Humanity. Why not? I don't make that much money and so what if it means I have to spend less? I am not racking up the IDP hours so what does it matter if I work three days a week instead of five? And I want to do something DIFFERENT with my life. I should not be living my life in Texas wishing and waiting for the next PCS.

Last night the idea was brought up to Martin. Anything surrounding money gets me a little nervous when I have to talk to him about it. He is so on top of things and able to do more investing, saving, paying loans off because he gets a decent paycheck. So bringing up the idea that I might give up some of my own paycheck made me nervous. But!! He was totally cool with the idea of me doing Habitat. He said "Yes, do it!" Yay!!! Having him back me up just gives that boost of confidence I need to see this through possibly. Although the absolute hardest thing will be to ask my boss to work part time. I really have to pray and decide if this is the best decision for me. If Austin is the closest active Habitat and the build days are Tuesday and Thursday starting at 7:30 that is a big commitment. If I just decide to sleep in this week or that week the whole point of the thing will be ruined and I will be extremely disappointed in myself.

What I think is great is that I don't have a clue where my work with Habitat could lead. Possibly opportunities all over the country. Or as I just found out internationally as well. It might be the very thing that allows me to learn how to run a non-profit business or at least one whose focus is on humanitarian deeds. My resume will look nice too. "Okay so she didn't have a job in a firm but look at how that didn't stop her from gaining architectural experience."

Tomorrow at book club I am going to ask Lisa about Habitat. Months ago she mentioned it and I tried emailing her for more information but either she didn't get it or I sent it to the address. Regardless I never heard back. We are also going to be discussing Three Cups of Tea tomorrow and I am excited to see where the conversation will lead!

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